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my work is ethical and rooted in

anti-oppressive practice.

I am an art director, designer, and artist currently living in Toronto, ON. I received my Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from Alberta University of the Arts in 2012 while living in Calgary, AB. I later went on to pursue my Master of Design in Graphic Design at York University in Toronto, ON. My expertise lies in branding, editorial, print work, and social media content.


I am passionate about the intersection between visual communications and social justice. Some of my clients have included harm reduction networks, LGBTQ organizations, mental health services, centres for people experiencing homelessness, women’s rights organizations, and disability-justice initiatives. I have been a guest lecturer, workshop facilitator, and spoken at conferences and on multiple panels about my research and work in these areas.

I am an introverted self-proclaimed pug enthusiast and coffee lover. Since I was first able to pick up a pencil I have loved drawing and spending my time alone practicing. Attending art school was an obvious path for me.


Today my creativity expands past art direction and design work. Beyond my visual practice I am a writer of poetry, flow artist, professional fire performer, and circus instructor. I spend most of time practicing flow arts and fire performance. 

I have been known to choreograph and lead a large group of fire performers to Burning Man in the Nevada Desert every year. I have also taught circus and flow arts across Canada and internationally.

Want to know more? Check out my resume or fire performing.

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